1. starfire

  2. aegontargaryen:

    Princess Koriand’r / Starfire in Red Hood and the Outlaws #33

  3. igbarriga:

    Color study week 3, I used this Starfire!

  4. killbenedictcumberbatch:

    I finally finished. 7 or 8 hours, give or take. I actually really enjoyed drawing this. I wanted to make Starfire more muscular and give her a nice little dress. u w u

  5. cdrsassmaster:

    super quick ass sketch of starfire

  6. cesparzart:

    lunabrine requested more starfire/raven and i must comply, sorry it’s so sketchy

  7. comfortandadam:

    Starfire is a character that Comfort goes back and forth on whether she likes or dislikes her. In part this has to do with DC and the various ways they choose to portray her. But, nonetheless, she ALWAYS love drawing her - so at least there’s that :D

  8. lexidooodle:

    I will never not miss this show on CN. Star was always my fave <3