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I realize I never change my username, but I change icons/theme/whatevs on a regular basis.

What does this MEAN

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I swear at least five of my two friends don’t like me

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my wedding song will probably be the attack on titan opening

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Someone could tell me I’m the most important person to them a thousand times and I’d still be terrified of annoying them.

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*semi-popular cartoon from 1997 with semi-sexual reference* THIS SHOW GAVE ZERO FUCKS

*cartoon from 1998 that had a guy in a dress played for laughs* BREAKING GENDER BARRIERS SINCE 1990 

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if cass cain and mikasa from snk teamed up they could probably wipe out all crime in gotham in a couple hours

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I am like 300% sure that fanvid editors that are able to make quality videos over 2 minutes long have sold their soul to the devil.

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if u dont ship what i ship then u can fuckin 

have ur own opinion and we can totally be friends but i am going to ask you to duel me on a rooftop at least once a month

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if you insult me ill just agree with you probably