1. probably

  2. rattanwhip:


    controversial post


  3. "My death will probably be caused by me being sarcastic at the wrong time." (via xstrange)
  4. saccharinescorpion:

    yo i’m not gonna stop anyone from critically analyzing The Book of Life but i just want to say: if you’re white you proooobably shouldn’t be accusing Jorge Gutierrez or Guillermo del Toro of appropriating their own cultures  

  5. danielkanhai:

    whenever people talk about primal urges half the time they’re talking about something sexual, but it’s like, sometimes you just gotta climb a flight of stairs like that, you know? it’s like my body is telling me, “buddy, five thousand years ago everyone would have bolted up stairs on all fours. it’s okay, it’s natural.”

  6. ahlohomora:

    eurovision must be why aliens don’t want any contact with us

  7. "Do it for the vine, Romeo" Mercutio, probably (via vvankinq)
  8. I realize I never change my username, but I change icons/theme/whatevs on a regular basis.

    What does this MEAN

  9. piercethemen:

    I swear at least five of my two friends don’t like me

  10. sofiaauditores:

    my wedding song will probably be the attack on titan opening

  11. momcrotch:

    Someone could tell me I’m the most important person to them a thousand times and I’d still be terrified of annoying them.