1. Teen Titans

  2. 2715. Once, Cyborg’s father came to the tower and demanded he come back with him to a conference and be his award winning experiment. When Cyborg said no he tried to hack his system but failed thanks to Gizmo’s intervention and he was caught. When the Titans caught him it took sweet talking from Starfire, a gorilla Beast Boy and Raven using a spell to hold him back, to keep Robin from tearing the man apart. “He’s not a machine or your son. He’s our friend” Robin yelled. He never came back.


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  3. doodleartsalot:

    some of my favorite bros halla

  4. pinkuchama:

    "So what did you learn in Japa—"


    "Okay, but what ab—"

    "CUTE MEN.

  5. ben-dude:

    pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening

    part II of the collab with omnibutter c:

  6. pinkuchama:

    "Don’t worry Cutie, I’m helping you get that shoe on.”

    Yeah, look, I could come up with an excuse to draw them in fun clothes and all, but really I just felt like drawing them like that.  But, if you need an excuse, feel free to think:
    • Espionage!  Just this once, though, X isn’t a career good guy.
    • Justice League awards ceremony (??)
    • Wayne Manor Fundraiser (!!)
    • Titans East Annual Black and White Ball

  7. lexidafree:

    So next weekend I’m having a stall at Supanova selling my artwork. However, there is a special someone going to be there too! Greg Cipes! voice of Michelangelo from TMNT 2012 and Beast Boy from Teen Titans. And so in honor of that, I drew a pretty picture :3

  8. pinkuchama:

    From this (sorta) drabble by redxmarksthespot.  Which I enjoyed very much. :D  (He’s Jason in her canon.)

    (I could justify doing this right now by using it for a bunch of little different painting techniques which is why it’s rough all over the place.)

  9. pinkuchama:

    I’m about to leave for Japan in an hour, but wanted to finish something this weekend before I left.  I’ve got this headcanon that Starfire gets a little amorous when she’s got a fever sometimes.

    (A while ago miscellaneous-done-right messaged me about a comic where they’re showering and the someone says, “Wait.  No gloves.” which is what I ran with, even though this isn’t the intent.)

    Sorry, rough, no time.  Bye!  See you guys later. :)

  10. heartlesskuma:

    Was just scrolling down my dash then these two came together and everything just worked itself out.