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unlikely high school BFFS who share a lot of classes together and are in the same student council club


me: so like in "apprentice part 1" theres the scene where slade is on the phone
me: and beast boy just makes some stupid ass comment
me: like thats fucking slade. just there on the videophone. he's literally going to kill everyone, beast boy
me: and then raven just elbows him like its such a casual thing to say stupid shit with a crazed supervillain on the line
me: and slade is just there like "hehehehe i ship it"
maddie: omg yes thats exactly how it happened


My town had an earthquake. 8);


F E I S T Y |Starfire/Red X|

F a n a r t from x


Oh, look, it’s a sorta-preview for the next Nonseries comic! (Still in Tokyo. So tired my body forcibly goes to sleep, can’t finish jack RN…)

(Except they’re naked in the real thing because— ohhh daaaaamn, is drama coming up?)


"Don’t worry, Cutie.  They only hate ‘us’ because they only
love you.”

Yeah, I figured the world needed one more couple pic where their foreheads are touching. 8/

1107. Ding Dong Daddy has 3 siblings. King Kong Daddy, who really likes animals - Sing Song Daddy, who really likes music- and Bing Bong Daddy who is a botanist


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2715. Once, Cyborg’s father came to the tower and demanded he come back with him to a conference and be his award winning experiment. When Cyborg said no he tried to hack his system but failed thanks to Gizmo’s intervention and he was caught. When the Titans caught him it took sweet talking from Starfire, a gorilla Beast Boy and Raven using a spell to hold him back, to keep Robin from tearing the man apart. “He’s not a machine or your son. He’s our friend” Robin yelled. He never came back.


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