1. Teen Titans

  2. doodleartsalot:

    some of my favorite bros halla

  3. pinkuchama:

    "So what did you learn in Japa—"


    "Okay, but what ab—"

    "CUTE MEN.

  4. ben-dude:

    pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening

    part II of the collab with omnibutter c:

  5. pinkuchama:

    "Don’t worry Cutie, I’m helping you get that shoe on.”

    Yeah, look, I could come up with an excuse to draw them in fun clothes and all, but really I just felt like drawing them like that.  But, if you need an excuse, feel free to think:
    • Espionage!  Just this once, though, X isn’t a career good guy.
    • Justice League awards ceremony (??)
    • Wayne Manor Fundraiser (!!)
    • Titans East Annual Black and White Ball

  6. lexidafree:

    So next weekend I’m having a stall at Supanova selling my artwork. However, there is a special someone going to be there too! Greg Cipes! voice of Michelangelo from TMNT 2012 and Beast Boy from Teen Titans. And so in honor of that, I drew a pretty picture :3

  7. pinkuchama:

    From this (sorta) drabble by redxmarksthespot.  Which I enjoyed very much. :D  (He’s Jason in her canon.)

    (I could justify doing this right now by using it for a bunch of little different painting techniques which is why it’s rough all over the place.)

  8. pinkuchama:

    I’m about to leave for Japan in an hour, but wanted to finish something this weekend before I left.  I’ve got this headcanon that Starfire gets a little amorous when she’s got a fever sometimes.

    (A while ago miscellaneous-done-right messaged me about a comic where they’re showering and the someone says, “Wait.  No gloves.” which is what I ran with, even though this isn’t the intent.)

    Sorry, rough, no time.  Bye!  See you guys later. :)

  9. heartlesskuma:

    Was just scrolling down my dash then these two came together and everything just worked itself out.

  10. furordraws:

    This ship is doing things to me.