1. nicecentrifuge:

    I’ve been doodling 2k14s lately, and I’ve decided I’m not going to attempt the kanji because omitting it entirely is less offensive to me than trying to denote it with arbitrary lines.

    Also, I’m going to give them large buttocks!

  2. thalionfae:

    Here is the full art that my sister did of the Turtles with their father. Have to say, though I am a Donatello fan. I really like the Raphael one the most. :D

  3. New Animated Adventures #12
  4. jaclcfrost:

    help me

  5. cassie0720:


  6. jaq-frost:


    Okay so here are some more pics from the tmnt art exhibit at gallery nucleus in LA ( http://www.gallerynucleus.com/gallery/exhibition/436) PART 3
    The first two describe SNAKE KARAI so I found those two very interesting
    Then there is a little human karai in pic 3
    Pic 4 is concept art for Mr. Murakami’s restaurant
    Pic 5 is all about the ninja stealth bike
    Pic 6 shows some of Aprils original designs
    7 describes Casey Jones and all his gear and small details about him
    Pic 8 is Baxter (so) Fly😏
    Pic 9 were some of the design options for shredders helmet
    And pic 10 outlines shredders lair

    Interestingly, ‘Kiba’ (the word found on the Snake!Karai page up top) is fang in Japanese….

    finds a corner and cries a lot

  7. so, do you feel lucky?

  8. coyoichi: