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Appreciation for Dominic Catrambone


So with Season 2 over, this is likely the end of Dominic’s run as Leo. Season 3 will have Seth Green in the roll. I think that Dominic really grew into the role. Sure he was no Jason Biggs, but he did the best that he was able to. I applause him along with the rest of the cast for all the hard work that they did and the great performances that all o them gave us. Dominic only did the role for eight episodes, but he did an excellent job and he really grew into the role. I say that thy should give him another character to play as compensation at least, but I don’t run the show so here’s hoping.

Thank you for your hard work Dominic, we’ll miss you. And welcome to the role of Leonardo Seth Green! We’re all looking forward to hearing you in Season 3! We;ll be rooting for you!


Leo put that down and stop drooling over Captain Ryan don’t look at me like that



Loved this show so much growing up - Eliza rocked! 


when all you want is for your favorite character to be happy but all they get to be is dead


Sasha vs. Q-tips [symphonicotter]


I’m calling this crap out. How is this a fair standard to hold people to? Counselors are licensed professionals who spend years studying psychology, not kids online trying to maintain positive attitudes, often against REALLY difficult circumstances. How are sad teens supposed to know how to approach this kind of thing?

Maybe this is just a joke but it’s tiring watching grown-ass adults complain about kids trying to look out for each other. Cringe all you want but grow up about it and keep your petty grouchiness to yourselves

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#tmnt spoilers

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